Mental Wellbeing Community Outreach

Wings of Hope Mindfit Outreach NPC

Wings of Hope – Mindfit Outreach NPC engages with the community both individually and in group settings.  We help people with their mental well-being not by giving advice, but by pointing them back towards their own innate wisdom. Resiliency, tenacity, and compassion are mindsets that set people on a path towards mental clarity and peace. Our mission is to point people back towards themselves enabling them to change their lives and experience greater health and wellness. This in turn impacts not only their everyday life, but the greater community as a whole, both at home and at work.

Trauma often creates stress and we work with people who have been affected by the social impact of all the recent upheavals that seem to be affecting people worldwide. We teach people to understand the way the mind really operates which is based on our understanding of the 3 Principles; a paradigm of Psychology that is internationally supported by the 3 Principles Global Community.

We offer free life coaching sessions subject to the acceptance of a completed screening questionnaire (click here). A session is typically between 30 – 60 minutes in duration. In addition to one-on-one coaching sessions for anyone in need, we offer tailored group workshops for organizations and companies. Below are some photos and feedback from our outreach workshops and community events.

We give hope to individuals and groups from all walks of life who need it the most. Mental well-being is an essential part of living a happy and full life. If you feel that you are struggling to cope with trauma and life’s circumstances, please reach out to us to book a free one on one Transformational Life Coaching Session. We are here to support you and hold your hand as you show up for yourself!


Wings of Hope Screening Questionnaire


Wings of Hope offers a free coaching session to anyone who needs help and cannot afford to pay. Please complete the following questionnaire for screening purposes. If you are feeling that you may harm yourself or that you are unsafe, please contact Suicide Crisis Line at 0800 567 567 or seek medical help immediately.