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May 20, 2023by Sharon Castle0

To our precious Sharon,

I’m giggling a little as I start to write this…because I know words aren’t enough to even begin to capture all that Mindfit is and all that we are! Mindfit and the deep connection we all share goes beyond words. It’s been a year since I joined you on this magic carpet ride and it’s been TWO YEARS since this epic journey started! Happy 2nd Birthday to Mindfit Coaching Academy!

To simply say we are grateful for you would be such an understatement! We are beyond grateful for you and for your endless LOVE! From the bottom of my heart, thank you Sha for the gift of this wonderful adventure filled with so much feeling! Thank you for the privilege of walking alongside you and being your cheerleader. I’ve always felt like a “creator” and a “connector”. With my role at Mindfit, I get to do both of my favourite things…how lucky am I.

Over the last year, I have loved connecting with our awesome team which feels like a family and with our amazing extended family. Thanks to you and Mindfit, I feel as if I’m living my purpose by simply showing up as me every day and serving our precious souls! From helping with the technical stuff to editing worksheets, to experiencing webinars with you and all our Master Teachers, to simply engaging with your energy and Cheryl’s energy – It all comes with a deep knowing that this is exactly where I’m supposed to be.

My favourite part is knowing that I can come to you anytime with anything and we will figure it out together. I love our open communication and I love the way you listen to my ideas and truly see me. That’s the thing about this INCREDIBLE community you’ve created, I feel like they all see me, like really see me and I feel like I truly see all of them. From the people who are here in Ballito, to those who are across the country in Joburg to Gen, and all our international teachers from across the WORLD – We all see each other on a soul level, and we all hear each other beyond words…into that good feeling.

Speaking of that good feeling, it’s something that’s truly indescribable for me…so naturally to help me sum it all up, I called on our amazing Mindfit family and they instantly answered. Here are some birthday messages for you to enjoy!

P.S. Beyond these words is a deeper level of connection that none of us can truly sum up…we know that’s exactly how it’s supposed to be, and we know we’re all just going home back to ourselves with extra love from the Mindfit family. That special Sharon magic and love is what started it all and we adore you for it! Massive love, Dee. Xxx

From Danielle Hogan,

Happy Birthday Mindfit and Congratulations!


Before the messages begin, I want to do a special shout out to Rob (Castle) for supporting you on this adventure…he shows up for you and you show up for us! The love you share is such a gift!

From Judy Evans (nee Oliver)

Sha I would like to pass on my thanks and gratitude for the Mindfit ethos and course you ran, and I was lucky enough to be part of.

As a result, I have been able to refer you to my daughter Zoe who has benefited and is benefitting tremendously from it. Thank you for your mindfulness and work you do within our community AND ABROAD. Happy Mindfit Day of Birth and may you continue to have many many many more. Much Love Judy.

From Liza Kaplan

Coming Home – A Poem by Sue Pettit
Coming home to peace and quiet,
Coming home to feelings warm.
Coming home where there’s a fullness,
Where love in me is born.
Coming home’s a simple journey,
Takes no movement on my part.
Instead of listening to my thoughts,
I listen with My heart.

Through my journey with Mindfit, Sharon has taught me that there is beauty in life through the power of thought. Happy 2nd Birthday to Mindfit! Time is what you make of it and for me what a beautiful gift I’ve received.

From Bridgette Poley

Wishing Mindfit a great 2nd birthday. Working with Sharon as a mentor has been life changing, I use the tools she has taught me daily. Mindfit has been a gamechanger for my business, working closely with women all my life I have been given tools that can actually help them navigate their lives positively and powerfully. It was the best investment I made for myself. Xx

From Rob Cook,

Sharon, congratulations on two years! Happy birthday to the whole Mindfit Academy. I know you just started a new program – super excited to see all of those people graduate and make an impact, not only in South Africa, but everywhere.

So again, thank you so much for taking this on. I look forward to all the many projects we’ll do together like we’re currently doing now and I can’t wait till you get me in South Africa.

I love the Mindfit family and happy birthday!

From Sandy Ashfield,

Happy happy happy second birthday Mindfit and a heart-felt thank you to YOU, Sharon for the life changing work that you are doing!

It truly is transformational and it’s such a privilege to be part of the ever-growing Mindfit family and to be on this amazing journey with you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Much love, Sandy


A special throwback to one of your first office photoshoots…An office where you have changed so many lives in person and virtually!

From Ryan Heenan,

Here’s wishing Mindfit a fabulous second year birthday! 🥳
It’s simply fantastic being able to live with the simple truths I learned from Sharon, and everyone at Mindfit! 😁
All the very best and may Mindfit continue to bless so many more humans! 🙏


From Leanne Tymvios,

Happy 2nd Birthday to Mindfit, a place I like to call a little piece of Heaven. Thank you, Sha, for being the coach that you are, you have awakened me and helped me find myself again in a way I could never have imagined 🙌🏻
I see the world with new eyes and hear with new ears, something ill only be able to understand from the feeling… it’s not something I can put into words. Thank you for allowing me to become part of the Mindfit family, a space I’ll hold dear to my heart forever ❤

From Shannon Berriman,

Happy 2nd birthday to Mindfit. From the minute I had my first interaction with Sharon, I knew she was a very special lady and I that had finally found the right organisation to do my coaching course through. I have done The Awakening and am busy doing the coaching course and I am delighted to say that my feeling was right and it feels like I have come home.

The love, encouragement and support Sharon and her Mindfit team offer their students is so genuine and so appreciated. This is a journey I have loved so much and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me, it can only be incredible with the backing of Sharon and the beautiful Mindfit Family.

I hope and pray that Mindfit goes from strength to strength and that the principles taught can help people awaken from their sleep to their true selves.

Much love

From Haley de Charmoy,

Happy Birthday Mindfit! I loved every minute of working with you Sharon, I came away from every session knowing deeply that I already have everything I need to live my best most beautiful life.

From Kirsten Cairns,

Oh the PRIVILEGE of being part of a birthday message to Sharon Castle. An incredible strong determined woman taking mental health for all by the horns and flying with it with such style and grace, it beings tears to our eyes.
Never mind all the thousands of people you have helped Sha.. my gratitude alone is massive. I feel your effect on a daily basis. It’s the only way to be. So thank you THANK YOU for all you are and all you do.
Have the best birthday ever, you deserve it all 💗🥰💃💫🤩

Love Kirst Cairns


From Graham Hamilton-Darke,

I can’t believe it’s already Mindfit’s second birthday!!! I’m deeply grateful to Sharon, and for what I learned, as it’s helped me – hugely – to navigate around difficult, and unexpected, curve balls that came my way since then.

Mindfit made all the difference for me, and I want to thank Sharon and the Team, for the wonderful work you are doing 🙏🙏

🙏 HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂🥳🎈🥂🍷 Lots of love from Graham

From Bev Banks,

Happy Happy 2nd Birthday Mindfit … the World is undoubtedly a far better place with Mindfit & Our Beautiful Sharon in it … Me & My Fara-Li are SOOOO Grateful you were both born … what a privilege to be part of The Magnificent Mindfit family. We Love Appreciate Respect Honor & Celebrate You Every Single Day 🐾🐾🥳🎁🎂🍾🥂☀💫🙏🏼😁🔥
From Dene Moodley,

Happy birthday Mindfit Academy! I cannot believe you are two already. I have been honoured and blessed to have been a part of The Awakening Program.

Thank you, Sharon, for helping us live our best lives with your incredible coaching. Here’s to many more wonderful years of the Mindfit Academy.

From Shannon Rencken,

My personal journey of self-discovery that Sharon has helped me to embark upon, through the Mindfit Academy’s Awakening and Coaches training course, has shown me a new way of thinking about my thinking and given me a fresh, new perspective on life.

Sharon taught me that it’s not only ok, but necessary to acknowledge and then let go of the thinking that so often keeps us stuck and to trust that the universe always has our back. Hardship can never break you, it can only teach and build you.
Wishing Mindfit a very happy 2nd birthday and may it continue to go from strength to strength in the years to come.

From Angela Dick,

Hello my friend! I thought I’d be sitting at your favorite place to wish you and a Mindfit happy happy birthday! (*the beach)
I hope you have have an amazing day and you get loads of love on this special day! I just wanna say thank you so much for everything you do for me, everything you do for the community and for our Mindfit Coaches! You are truly an amazing lady and I’m so blessed to know you for the last few years.

Sending lots and lots of love!! Xxx

From Cheryl Sachse,

I would love to use this opportunity to wish Mindfit a Happy Second Birthday!! Sharon, I just want to say thank you.
How absolutely amazing that we get to celebrate two years of Mindfit being the academy it is, being the place where we all get to interact and be in your presence nd your space and learn from you.

I just want to thank you for how enriched and how enlivened my life has been since coming across, not only just the principles but being with you in Mindfit with our Mindfit family and all the love and genuine care that you put into it!

So, here’s to our second birthday and many many more to come! May it only be filled with more adventure, joy, love, and blessings. So, here’s to another few and some more!

Thank you for everything you do, not just for me but for everyone in your team, everyone one of your students and everyone one of your clients. Sharon, you are just one in a million. Xxx

From Shirley-Anne Leach,

To dear beautiful Sharon … just a huge, big gigantic WOW 🤩…. Happy 2nd Birthday to Mindfit and all her soul contributors …. May you continue to grow your borders and touch more Souls .. May God go before you and behind you and around you … much love on this special day!

From Janine Harburn,

Happy birthday Mindfit! I am so happy to be a part of the Mindfit family! All my gratitude and thanks goes to the Mastermind behind Mindfit, Sharon Castle!

It’s been an absolute joy being part of this journey with you! It’s been life changing, life transforming and I am filled with absolute gratitude. I’m in awe of this beautiful journey that we’ve all been on!

Thank you Sharon and thank you Mindfit Family. Happy happy birthday!

From Nicky Potgieter,

Happy 2nd Birthday Mindfit!
May many more lives be touched and impacted through this vehicle of love and truth.
Sharon Castle, thank you for paving the way and for making it your life’s work to continuously walk people “home”.

Love Nicky

From Yolanda Combrinck,

Happy Birthday Mindfit!!!🎉🎉🎉So incredibly blessed to be supported by this amazing team! Thank you, precious souls, for the way you show up and serve. My life has been deeply impacted by each of you! ❤❣❤
What an absolute honour to be apart of the Mindfit family! Thank you Sharon Castle for trusting and following that nudge when you birth Mindfit! This is such an incredible journey and I look forward to seeing what unfolds! Happy Birthday💫💥

A reminder of some of the lives you’ve impacted forever in more ways than you know…and of course, we don’t even know how many lives they are having an impact on!

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