Changing your life sometimes isn't easy and you need a guide. That’s what we do! We guide individuals and corporate groups to transform their lives and achieve success and peace with our Personal and Group Coaching Programs.
Changing your life sometimes isn't easy and you need a guide. That’s what we do! We guide individuals and corporate groups to transform their lives and achieve success and peace with our Personal and Group Coaching Programs.

Cheryl Sachse

Sharon Castle quite literally blew my mind and filled us with insight after insight, dropping on us and permeating right to our core with truth and wisdom. To truly understand how Mind, Thought and Consciousness work and to see how to apply it to your daily life just brings a deep understanding of being a human-being and having innate abilities that lie dormant in us. Sharon carefully teases these insights out of you; and leaves you feeling like can never unsee the beautiful person that is hiding inside each and every individual. We are not broken, we are just allowing our narratives to sometimes take the lead. Sharon’s excellent guidance shatters old paradigms of thinking and brings a freshness and a newness to your thinking that is awe-inspiring. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is seeking a way to understand themselves and others in a deep and meaningful way.

Deveshni (Dee) Kullen

This work helped me so much and I believe it should be shared with every human being! It is something so close to my heart especially because my mum struggled with bipolar disorder, she was diagnosed at age 16. I just find myself saying so many times that I wish my mum knew this stuff…I wish she knew that she wasn’t broken and I wish she knew she could trust her own wisdom!

This has fundamentally changed my perspective and drastically changed my life for the better. A few months ago, I started one on one Transformational Coaching and WOW! I’ve already let go of so much and realized that I really just need to get out of my own way!

Feedback from the Mindfit For Teens Pilot Program

“This program has completely changed the trajectory of my life. From my outlook to my mindset, it’s a shift. I saw the differences from the very first session, but my third or fourth one hit me hard, and I felt like I found myself again. Like I came home to an old friend. But better. Wiser, stronger. I’m finally able to trust myself confidently. For the past few years, I’ve felt like a terrible monster with a big black cloud over my head, but after this, all I see in the mirror is a person, not good, not bad. Just a person who’s allowed to make mistakes just as much as allowed to reach for dreams that I very much deserve and am capable of. I attended the program every Saturday, arriving chaotic as ever and leaving with peace.

With thanks to this program, I’m a self-assured person, confident in everything I do, because the biggest thing this program has taught me, is that I am more in control of my life as the world makes it seem to be. This will forever be a checkpoint for my life. It’s the foundation that I have, ensuring I’ll never hit rock-bottom again because I’ll fall back onto this. And I will forever be thankful to these beautiful women for changing my life and the people around me. It is truly the greatest gift I received.” – Abeni

“Reading the “certificate of completion” makes me laugh because I feel like I haven’t completed a thing. this year ends on a Sunday, this year ends in just over a month yet for me it’s only really just started! In these past 5 weeks I’ve lived more than I have in the whole 15 years of me being alive and you all have really helped make that happen.

You all helped me “un-stick” myself from that one week in August 2022. I’m really so grateful for this special group of people, you guys make such a big impact by doing the smallest things” – Demi

“The MindFit for Teens program came to me at a time in my life where everything seemed calamitous. I felt as if I didn’t know my right from my left and if even putting a step forward into something positive was a possibility.

The welcoming and nurturing environment created by the coaches made me feel at ease , not only in the new space I found myself in but with the cards I had been dealt. Hearing stories from the other teens as well as the coaches genuinely created a sense of belonging.

The floor is really yours in this program , I was able to share my experiences, judgement-free, and feeling not only seen but heard was the most relieving feeling. I learnt to be where my feet are and not bombard myself with “what if’s” and hypotheticals.

I found comfort in the exercises the coaches used to apply their teachings to everyone’s vastly different circumstances. There was never a moment where I did not feel comfortable, who knew you could build a family in 5 sessions ? For the first time this year I had felt grounded.

I left the program with a bunch of new perspectives. Every session consisted of addressing pertinent issues not only in my life but of teens in general. My favourite element of the programme was its subjectivity and applying what was being spoken about to my life and my personality.

Words cannot express the strength I found within myself. The two biggest takeaways I founds were:

Everything you need is already within you.
Life really is that simple.” – Matt

Nicky Potgieter

“The Mindfit 3 day intensive training was mind-blowing! The 3 Principles are unlike anything I have ever experienced. It is revolutionary. I have been coaching with various coaches across the globe, and this is just something else. It was life-changing for me. These 3 Principles have given me a clear understanding of the truth of how human beings function.

It was the most beautiful and natural way to find my way back to the space within me that is whole, perfect and complete. I came to realise that when operating from this space, that has an infinite creative potential, one can produce high levels of performance and be in a state of flow, while experiencing a peace that is beyond any understanding. No more chasing, no more doing, no more stress , no more overwhelm… Only freedom, joy and a deep sense of peace. Thank you Sharon for your sharing your wisdom with me and for guiding me back to the truth of who I am“

“I have a peace beyond comprehension and I am actually PRESENT with myself and others in the moment and that makes every single moment, one worth savouring. It is so refreshing to notice my thoughts, based on what I am feeling, and just allow them to pass through and dissipate, knowing that it is natural and that I don’t have to act on it. It is freeing to know that I do not have to do a single thing, implement a single strategy or try to talk myself out of anything, but to just be and allow it to “”flow and go”….

Janine Cloete

The journey of becoming a Mindfit Coach has been the gentle nudge I needed to broaden my understanding of the human mind.

This program has helped me improve my life in so many ways from how I think and perceive my current reality.

It has been life changing and the entire world needs to know the 3 principles which is the foundation of this course and how it can transform every aspect of your life.

I would highly recommend anyone who may be considering doing this course to do it. If you want to change your life and the lives of others this program is the tool to get you there.

My life has been forever changed and I am so grateful I made the decision to be a part of this wonderful journey.

Grateful, inspired & blessed.

Yolanda Combrinck

I recently joined the Awakening Program with Mindfit Training Academy and WOW – what an incredible and insightful series of learning/unlearning with the understanding of how our minds really work!

I have attended numerous workshops on personal development which helped, but never did I come across a teaching that was so simple. It is based on The Three Principles!  As my Coach mentioned – when we get it, we get it – there was no need to remember or try hard to gain understanding.  All that was required from us was to “listen like a rock with ears,’’ as Sharon Castle says and let the words wash over us!

I can best describe the Awakening as a spiritual experience that has unlocked truth.  An understanding that all my life experiences occur from the inside-out regardless of external circumstances or events. I learnt that life only happens for us and not to us!  Our feelings are only an indicator of the quality of our thoughts – this alone was an “AHA” moment for me.

Since then, I have grown in awareness. I realise that I am not my thoughts and all that is required is to notice! I could write a book on the power and observations of noticing and the freedom that follows.

The understanding of The Three Principles gently shattered some myths, limiting beliefs and habitual thinking. It helped me wake up to my true beauty, my purpose, my truth of how wonderfully I was created with a powerful mind and wisdom that is my built in navigation system for life.

I have noticed the changes within myself. I can truthfully say that I have embraced all of me, including all the difficult events that took place in my life…there is an amazing sense of peace when we choose to live a life of surrender!

A huge thank to you to the amazing Sharon Castle who is an incredible Teacher, our Head Coach and my Mentor for this powerful and transformational teaching!  Sharon teaches from a place of love. She will gently disrupt you if you get stuck in a story or thinking that does not serve you well. She has a wonderful way of pointing you back to your own truth!

Mindfit is also a safe container for anyone to come in and just be!  I can say this – you will leave feeling refreshed, transformed and very loved!  I used to sing this song, “It’s love that makes the world go round”. How incredible to have experienced this same love that flowed from Sharon and the amazing awakening group of ladies…it is connection on another level!

No amount of words can express my gratitude – I love this work, I love the Mindfit family and I love being a part of something bigger than myself. I was simply pointed to my own truth and now I can go ahead and fulfil my calling. I choose to show up daily, like I do, with complete trust in the source of my guidance, with openness towards becoming a Transformational Life Coach.  I learnt that I do not have to wait to help those placed on my path because I already have everything, I need within me to show up and serve others from a place of love and authenticity.

As Sydney Banks said “if the only thing people learned was not to be afraid of their personal experience, that alone would change the world.” I can understand that now! How amazing to live in this space…freedom!

I would encourage anyone who feels the call to coach or be awakened to your own truth, become unstuck in your thinking, obtain clarity on goals and live in freedom no matter what circumstances you face – reach out and connect with the team from Mindfit as the experience is categorically worth it and transformational!

So much Love
Yolanda Combrinck

Liza Kaplan

As a veteran in the corporate arena, I’ve had to learn to survive in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment. After years of pushing myself from one achievement to the next, I developed anxiety which at times spiralled in to depression.

For years I sought the help of traditional therapists to help me understand these intense emotions and how to overcome them. I unfortunately never found the answers I was looking for as the problem was always highlighted instead of helping me to understand the why and the how.

When I found Mindfit, I was searching for change. After an incredibly hard 2021 which saw a lot of hardship in my personal life and my career, I felt the call within me to join the Mindfit Family.

During the Awakening Program we were taken on an incredible journey of self-discovery. Understanding more about the human psyche impacted me so deeply. I realised the importance of self-love and self-care and that it has nothing to do with ego and everything to do with looking after your thoughts and how easily we become consumed by thought storms which can have a damaging effect on the body and your emotional state of mind.

Mindfit has had such a profound impact on my life and although during the program I experienced a severe depressive episode, this time was different… I came to what was possibly one the biggest insights in my life which helped me navigate my way back in to a much happier state of mind.

I no longer get so frustrated and find myself calmer, with a deeper appreciation for treating people with love and kindness. Taking the time to understand where they are coming from and trusting that my wisdom has always been there for me and that everything is happening for me and not to me.

Sharon is an absolute master at what she does. Every lesson is an enlightening experience and we are truly blessed with her knowledge of this understanding and ability to articulate something which words cannot convey. Sharon creates a safe space to share and more importantly to learn and to grow. I wish I had found Mindfit Life Coaching sooner and recommend it to everyone, as I truly believe it will change your life.

I’m so excited to embark on this next step of the journey in becoming a Transformative Life Coach where I hope to support and help those in need. Whether you’re simply trying to navigate your career or are experiencing a life altering change, you really don’t need to struggle. There were so many times I needed help and didn’t know where to turn to. Knowing now that I can simply be there for someone is one of the most amazing gifts Mindfit has given me.

The answers you are looking for are not in the words but can only be found in the feeling, this is when you find your happiness. We all ultimately want to love life and be happy and you don’t have to wait for it. It’s available to you right now in this very moment, just reach out.

Richard Kidd

It has been a privilege and an honour to work with Sharon and the Mindfit Coaching Academy team, what an elevating and transformational programme. I think everyone needs to experience this or something similar. Raising my consciousness to unconditional love is now what I think and feel!

Haley de Charmoy

I loved my time at Mindfit with Sharon. It was exactly what I needed in this season and I feel completely empowered to start coaching. The group dynamic was really helpful, journeying with likeminded people who became friends allowed me to learn from all of them and see life through new eyes. I feel renewed and invigorated and I can easily recommend this course!

Lindie Weeks

Sharon’s coaching has been life changing. My team have such a hunger for her energy and wisdom.

Sharon has been pivotal in transforming the attitudes and self-belief within my team. Targets that they set for themselves (and which they had never achieved before) have been exceeded. They have implemented their new ways of thinking in their personal lives and this has had a tremendous positive effect on their families too.

In short, if you think of softer, life skills coaching as insignificant, I can tell you that the impact this training has had on my staff and my business has had a far greater reach than corporate sales or marketing training my staff have attended. It has become a personal journey for them to become more successful and happy, which has had a direct impact on productivity, strategic thinking and results. Align their personal growth and development with your company vision and goals and you will have a winning strategy!

If you care about your staff, their wellbeing and their success within your business, I strongly recommend Sharon Castle to help you and your team reach new heights on personal and professional levels.

Genevieve Hundermark

My experience of the Awakening was so well-timed in terms of how it fits into the greaterscheme of life at this point in time and how I am able to respond to and be in it. The worldfeels somewhat like a crazy place at this current time with its response to the virus and the measures that are being put in place. Having been on the Awakening, I have developed an approach that helps me to navigate this moment with sensitivity, awareness and kindness to self and others.

Leanne Tymvios

“The Mindfit coaching academy is a little piece of Heaven, a calm space where you are able to gain a deeper understanding about the mind, consciousness and how powerful thought really is. A safe space where you are able to be vulnerable, speak your truth and really connect with your inner self. It’s a space where you are able to disconnect from the world and a space where you can be fully present and show up for you! Once you have been on the 3 day intensive sessions you will never be the same person again, you can’t unsee or unlearn those 3 days. My mind is calmer, my thinking is clearer, I’m more grounded than even before and I now have the opportunity to be me, the real me, from the inside. What an amazing experience with the most amazing coaches, I feel a part of the Mindfit family already and each person has touched my life and impacted my life in such a powerful way. Sharon has such a gentle and calm way about her when engaging with you but yet so powerful at the same time… what a privilege it’s been being coached by Sharon!”

Erin Dickson

“I have been totally moved by the transformation that has taken place in my life since starting my Mindfit Journey with Sharon.

Anxiety was a constant in my life, stress would often overwhelm me and I was a self-confessed overthinker. I have remarkably found myself operating with a sense of peace and freedom in my day-to-day life and situations which previously would have been an emotional stress trigger for me, sometimes on a very deep level, I have handled with ease. The best part is that it has all come from me, I feel as though I have discovered how to master my own mind and my life, and be guided by my own divine wisdom.”

Mindfit changed my life, and it really is as simple as that. I have been guided in the most gentle and nurturing way over the last 7 months into a place of understanding and massive self-discovery. I have had breakthroughs that have shifted me in the most powerful ways and opened up doors and new opportunity that seemed impossible for so long. At the end of this program, I step into the next chapter of service with a heart full of love and joy.

If you care about your staff, their wellbeing and their success within your business, I strongly recommend Sharon Castle to help you and your team reach new heights on personal and professional levels.

Zanele Zulu

“Being party of Awakening has really impacted my life positively.

The three principles have changed my life. I’m transformed.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Team for such a wonderful opportunity.”

Sadhna Singh

It gives me great pleasure to write about my life changes and experiences after meeting Sharon Castle in 2013.

From my first meeting, Sharon changed the way I see myself, my job, my goals and my family. She helped me to reach new heights in my career and to finally succeed at long-standing personal goals. I’ve achieved challenging career objectives, improved personal and professional relationships, and found greater balance in my life.

Entering into life and business coaching with Sharon Castle is an opportunity I would recommend to anyone who truly wants to make a positive change both in how they view themselves and others, and how they manage and enjoy their life. Sharon has an unfailing commitment to see your strength and ability where you may see weakness and inability. Her straightforward, respectful, nurturing and intelligent manner helps you to identify with your true essence as a capable, loving, intelligent individual and to see the same in others.

I am a more confident and fulfilled individual today because of Sharon’s coaching.

Shirley-Ann Brown

We need to go beyond our intellect, to the deep quiet, beyond the noise of our thinking and there we will discover our true nature and sit with God, discover the peace that passes all understanding, this is where we will also find our true nature is Love and we are all connected.

We are living each minute in a Divine flow of thought that creates our experience moment by moment.

We need to consciously step into the river of joy and flow with what is, to open our eyes and live a seeing, feeling, hearing life and notice the daily miracles that are popping and bursting all around us during the daily grind.

To just show up, let go and flow, allowing your innate wisdom to take the lead…

Know that you are enough! Right now! Just as you are ….

And finally … to check in with your feelings and trace them back to what you thinking and then the power comes, you get to decide if you want to feel/think that way and choose to grow new neuropathways … growing new thought trees and decorating them with joy, you get to put a “road closed” sign on the old thought pattern/branch … it will then shrivel up, become dry and brittle and wither up and die. You are then left with more “space”, space to grow branches of “joy”, “peace” “love” and “gratitude”.


This and more, is what I took away from the awakening plus a renewed desire to grow in wisdom and spirituality…that consciousness ladder has rungs I’m keen on reaching.

Namaste and God Bless

Dene Moodley

“The Awakening Program is highly recommended . It has definitely changed my life. It’s simple yet super effective. I’ve become less stressed and much happier!”

JP Sobrevilla

“My experience coaching with Sharon has been profound. It really opened up a new realm of awareness into my life.

Before coaching I was living a very stressed and anxious version of myself. I was always on the go doing what I thought was right but feeling unfulfilled and drained. It was through the coaching process, session by session, that things started to reveal themselves.

I gained awareness of the role and impact my thoughts were having in my life. How they generate feelings and how those feelings were driving me to a very unhealthy place.

My greatest change has been on becoming a much calmer and more grounded person. It all comes from within.

Looking forward to keeping growing my awareness to benefit all people around me. I’m forever grateful for this experience. Thanks, Sharon!”

Virginia Burger

It feels great to be a part of this academy. It’s been very different to what I expected and so refreshing.

Sharon’s teachings deal with our current state of mind and how we grow while understanding how to feel balanced and grounded in ourselves. I’ve learnt that true self-awareness and self-understanding is essential before practicing as a life coach. Sharon is very authentic and experienced as a life coach and she has achieved great success which means I can listen and learn and grow myself.

Her teachings are very simple yet deeply thought provoking. I’m seeing the reality of applying the principles I’m learning every day. I’m enjoying the program and know I will gain hugely from continuing on it for myself going forward. I have huge respect for what she has achieved and my goal is to be just as successful and genuinely authentic by observing the example that Sharon is.

Sue Abernethy

I joined the Mindfit Academy without any knowledge of the course, I just knew I was drawn to this life coaching course and quite honestly it just unfolded for me like it was meant to be.

I have loved every minute of it from the first minute of our Zoom meeting. Sharon’s warm, welcoming and completely natural approach had me entranced from day one.

It has changed my life and I only wish I had this knowledge years ago. I have learnt that we are one thought away from happiness or sadness and that happiness and peace come from within and not from external sources. I am loving every day which is unfolding for me in a new way, as I am learning not to stress and strive and worry about tomorrow.

I cannot wait to start my own transformational coaching practice and I know that the solid foundation Sharon has instilled in us will carry me through not only in life and living, helping friends and family but also coaching those who are in need.

Ryan Heenan

Mindfit has awoken me to my true authentic self. Mindfit has pointed me to the fact that my experience of life is being created from the inside out – starting with my thoughts.

Today I live more grounded, and I live in a way that makes sense to me now, with lightheartedness and freedom. There is beauty all around us, and I am part of that energy too.

Bridgette Poley

My personal growth has been phenomenal. I’m amazed how 3 principles of Mind, Thought, Consciousness can change the way I see myself and the people who cross my path. I went into this journey not quite knowing what to expect, but the change in me is unbelievable. I am able to look at myself with love, and appreciation and to give myself a break with no judgment or expectations.

For the first time ever I love who I see in the mirror because I know I am exactly where I need to be. I have removed my ego from situations that have nothing to do with my path and am able to step aside from other people’s noise.

I am growing in my own wisdom and love pointing people back to their own wisdom too. I find myself listening more closely to hear more clearly. I have realized that everyone is perfect; we just hide underneath life’s layers of self thought insecurities and once we are aware that they are just thoughts and not realities, those insecurities become irrelevant.

When the expectations and judgments are taken away the love and happiness is there to embrace you. Through Sharon and the Mindfit Family I have realized that you don’t need to find a tribe to make you feel whole, your need to feel whole and the tribe will find you.

What an amazing first step towards an amazing journey. The view looks mighty fine from here. Thank you Sharon and The Mindfit Family for helping me discover my peace.

Michelle Centonze

Mindfit has truly been the biggest gift I’ve given myself.

When I started I was in the darkest place I’ve ever been in my life, The thoughts of never waking again were real.

From the very first day…my consciousness awakened.

Day by day my layers of darkness and heavy burdens melted away, My self-healing, enlightenment and mind literally shifted.

My frequency is HIGH, there’s magic happening in everyday life.

The FEELING of MAGIC is real from within my own being.

I didn’t have one moment when anything felt like hard work.

I found my way home and a whole new sacred FAMILIA.

I will spread this knowledge far and wide with an intention of a ripple of healing across our planet.

Honestly, there are no words to describe my past 6 months.

Team MINDFIT….you were nothing short of EXCELLENT.

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